'Music Video, winter 2018'

Decided to write another song for my Nephews christmas. He likes pirates, so I made this video to accompany that song.

Made entirely in Blender, and yes... That includes video editing.

'Music Video, winter 2015'

Decided to write a song for my parents christmas, I made this video to accompany that song.

'E4 Esting Entry' summer 2013

My submission for the E4 Estings competition.

'11 second club october competition' October 2012

The Animation ranked with a respectable 30th place!

View video on the 11 Second Club website

'Graduate Show Reel' Winter 2010

This short video showcases mel, rigging and animation projects completed whilst at University and is therefore not reflective of my work at Travelers Tales.

'Mount Dash' Summer 2010

This short video showcases a character rigging script i developed to ease the burdon of manually rigging a character, the final rig is available below.

'Trap Inc' Spring 2010

As part of my Masters degree I was teamed up with a group of 4 others to produce a small prototype game using the Unreal Development Kit - UDK over the course of 4 months. During this project I helped create environment assets and rigged / animated characters.

Dare to be digital 'Shrunk' Summer 2009

During the summer of 2009 I took part in the internationally acclaimed competition 'Dare to be Digital'. Where my team 'The Butterflyers' developed the Bafta award winning game 'Shrunk'. My responsibilities included Modelling, Rigging, shader scripting, Texture layout and ensuring the art pipeline ran smoothly.

'FishyScience' BA Hons 2009

I created this animation for my honours project in collaboration with another student 'Vykintas Kasdailis'. During the project I developed character/ mechanical rigs, composited backgrounds, animated scenes modelled and designed props as well as texturing various assets.